word for the week: pootle

Last week Suzanne and I went to Prague, this past weekend we all went down to Dorset to see Andrew’s (Suzanne’s fiance’s) family, and today I’m going grocery shopping, which is particularly exciting because all the Easter candy will be on sale.

Once I’m back in Senegal I’ll post pictures of me being cold in various parts of the UK.

“Normal” and “surreal” have become entirely muddled.


The Chester Tesco does NOT in fact put Easter candy on sale. They take it off the shelves in the morning and hide it from those who return in the afternoon to splurge on half-price Cadbury’s Mini-Eggs. I have been thwarted! (I made up for it by buying Kit Kats and three kilos of granola.)

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you’re in England, and you’re going upload picts when you get back to Senegal?
you’re right. normal and surreal.

pootle – verb: To meander, or wander slowly. E.g., “Let’s go into town and pootle about the shops.” (from a dictionary of British slang)

I came across “pootle” in both Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island (about living in Britain) and Douglas Adams’ The Salmon of Doubt (he’s British) and have decided to use it at every possible opportunity from now on. Perhaps in conjunction with “piddle”… or “toodles.”

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