Peace Corps year 2

fun even when it's not!

This past week I had a really great visit from George and Doug, who were looking for a break from the clean, well-ordered world of Silicon Valley.

It was a quick visit—made quicker by their 34 hour delay in Brussels—but we managed to pack in a party in Tamba, wedding festivities in the village, a day in Niokolo Koba, a stop by Cory and Josh’s site, a Tex-Mex dinner imported from the States, and pizza in Dakar.

They made it very easy to be a host, keeping cheery attitudes despite the fact that the itinerary was inadvertently expanded to include a nighttime stop on the roadside when our truck ran out of gas, a 4am trip to the hospital at the request of George’s stomach, a ride through a rainstorm in an Alham without windshield wipers, and vomiting episodes for both me and Doug (we blame the elk jerky).

I’m sure Doug will post photos long before I manage to upload all of mine, but here’s one of us in the national park:

us on top of 4x4