Peace Corps year 2

index, month 19

New guards at the Tamba house: 3

Teenage girls from the village who were married last year who are pregnant this year, out of two: 2

Months that a deck of Uno cards lasts: 1

Months that the millet harvest lasts: 7

Nights of maffe a kilo of beans provides: 3

Nights there was hardly any maffe because a sheep tipped over the pot: 2

Donkeys captured on film in full bray: 1

The guard switch was a requirement handed down from PC Washington. It was awful to see Idrissa, Moussa, and Usaynu fired after they had all been with us for the past three or four years, but apparently there was nothing that could be done about it, despite many calls and a letter from Tamba volunteers.

I saw the last of the Uno cards being gummed to a mushy pulp by baby Abdoulaye.

The donkey! He was tied up in Molly’s village, where we were hanging out with her family, otherwise I never would have gotten this shot. But I heard one donkey start braying from across the village, then another, and knew he’d start soon… success! He was even facing the camera!

I also got to pet a donkey, which was very exciting for me.