Peace Corps year 2

index, month 22

Consecutive days with rainfall in Tamba: 7

Ratio of days in the village to days out of the village: 1:2

Maximum number of weeks the garden fence was intact before part fell down: 3

Meals I cooked for my compound: 1

Ratio of profit from jewelry sales that the women’s group distributed among themselves in the form of loans to the amount they deposited in their bank account: 18:1

Approximate ratio of the cost of one night in our COS hotel to the amount of cash I give my village family each month to feed and house me: 4:1

The rainy season has redeemed itself and the fence has been repaired.

I attempted to make gumbo for my family, but really it was more like chunky vegetable tomato sauce. No one seemed to mind.

I have thirteen village days left.

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holy crap. thirteen days! down to eleven, now! i think that in my mind you’re still somehow in the phase where you’re deciding whether or not to even go to africa, and suddenly here you are, almost done with your time there. amazing.

so close! so close! in the middle of class today, i let my mind wander and found myself visualizing you in a honky tonk drinking dollar PBRs.

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