Peace Corps year 2


A series of photos of my favorite photo subject in the village: Kanni’s youngest daughter, Aadama. I watched her go from the Terrible Twos to the Terrible Threes and almost to the Quite Sociable Fours. She stayed cute-beyond-all-reason throughout.

aadama earrings1   aadamaearrings2   aadama earrings3

aadama hair1   aadamahair2   aadama hair3

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Hello! I am nominated to serve in W. Africa beginning June 2007, and am curious to know what kind of camera you use? Your pictures and website are absolutely beautiful and I have enjoyed keeping up with your Peace Corps experiece. I am also curious to know how you load and save all of these pictures (quite frankly I am computer/technology illiterate). Thanks and have a safe trip back to the states!

Congratulations on your nomination!

I use a Canon PowerShot S410 — small, tough, and takes great pictures. Any compromises on image quality or control are more than compensated for by its discreet size. It’s starting to develop some quirks, but I figure that’s justified after two years of hard use in rough conditions.

I use an iBook to download/upload my photos to my website — I can connect it to the internet at any local cybercafe. This makes uploading much easier, but it’s also do-able with a USB card reader and a cybercafe computer.

Hi. I’m the mother of a previous Senegal Peace Corps volunteer…Travis. I found your blog via Gretchen’s blog who replaced him. Thanks for sharing your stories and amazing photos. Take care.

Thank you so much for the response. I am nominated to teach Biology in W. Africa, so my living conditions should be similar to your own. On that note, how exactly did you power the camera? Is it necessary to buy batteries quite often, or is there another way to charge it? Forgive my naivet?, and again, thank you!

I charged batteries at the PC regional house, which I was fairly close to. Some people have the AA-powered Canons; you could theoretically charge AAs at your site with a solar charger, though I’ve never found those to be all that efficient/powerful. If you buy one that uses a lithium ion battery, I recommend getting one or two extras for backup.

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