Santacon 2006

My baptism by beer into my new San Francisco life came yesterday in the form of Santacon 2006: San Francisco Santarchy.

Leslie and I spent Friday night preparing our Santa garb.

Leslie with beards

We went at 9AM on Saturday to meet up with the other East Bay Santas and take the ferry into the city. On the way, we were stopped by a Japanese couple who wanted a picture with the crazy locals. I was excited to officially be a crazy local.

Leslie, Clare, tourist

On the ferry, Leslie broke in her beard.

Leslie + Corona

And an elf sang in honor of the rainbow that appeared over Alcatraz as we neared the city.

Elf playing on ferry

rainbow over Alcatraz

When we got to Pier 39, we met up with a whole mob of Santas, many of whom took advantage of the “Santas ride for half-price” deal at the carousel.

Santas at Pier 39

Santas on carousel

Next stop: Bubba Gump’s for a round of Bloody Marys, then on to Hooter’s, where things started to get… weird. er.

Leslie spanks Santa

From there, Santas wheezed up a very long hill…

Santas uphill

Squealed gleefully down a curvy road…

Santas down Lombard

And played a disorderly game of Twister in the park.

Santas contemplate Twister

More beer, and then some more beer after that, and then Santacon commandeered the Hustler Club, which is where Leslie and I finally parted ways with our newfound Santa family. Oh, and Leslie twisted her ankle because she ignored the one piece of advice given to us by a veteran Santarchist: Don’t drink so much that you fall down.

Too bad Christmas only comes once a year.

Clare on carousel

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great photos! I found your blog on the santa con tribe posts in some news link. You might remember me as one of the Santa’s you entered that special booth with in the Lusty Lady. Aye, it was a long night after that and I just barely made it to the last bart home.
nice peace corps section, too. My best friend spent three years in The Gambia with the Peace Corps. Right on!

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