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Soil in Senegal!

Here’s one of my reasons for being MIA from the internets lately, the other being my eye-twitch-inducing yet extremely interesting full-time internship with a Berkeley production/post house.

This screened yesterday as part of Cory’s exit seminar for her master’s at UC Davis:

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as i said before, i think this is very cool. i’m amazed that you managed to pull together all this video footage while living in a hut in an african village and biking several miles in to the closest internet connection. i’m not sure if that speaks to my ignorance of what life is like in a village or to how resourceful you were, but – cool, nevertheless!

My favorite moment in this video is the perfectly timed cowflop right after the voice-over lists “manure” as one way to improve the soil. That’s a quintessentially Clare detail.

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