Yes, but what do you do?

Here’s a recent project I was working on at the studio: We filmed and edited four customer profiles for Adobe, the company that makes Photoshop and a bunch of other ubiquitous design software. All four are part of the webpage for Adobe’s launch of CS3, the newest package of all those design programs.

I edited the USC profile, which you can watch by going to the Creative License page, clicking on the “Master Collection” box, and choosing the “Video: See how the University [etc.]” link.

Just to warn you, the site has music, perky narration, a try-out-the-features thingy that’s kinda addictive, and mad-crazy flying boxes. Stay away if you work in a quiet office or suffer from motion sickness.


road trip

California! Oregon! coast! mountains! old signs! yurts!

Paul Bunyan Confusion Hill signs


coast shasta


Golden Gate

UC Berkeley’s J-school told me thanks but no thanks. I had a brief moment of wishing I’d chosen grad school back in 2004 when they accepted me, but it passed. If I hadn’t done Peace Corps, I’d never have heard donkeys braying at 1am, biked 80 kilometers through sand while asking for directions in Pulaar, or felt the grotesque absurdity—and longed for the blissful privilege—of my life in the States.

Blah blah blah. Their loss, etc.