road trip

California! Oregon! coast! mountains! old signs! yurts!

Paul Bunyan Confusion Hill signs


coast shasta


Golden Gate

UC Berkeley’s J-school told me thanks but no thanks. I had a brief moment of wishing I’d chosen grad school back in 2004 when they accepted me, but it passed. If I hadn’t done Peace Corps, I’d never have heard donkeys braying at 1am, biked 80 kilometers through sand while asking for directions in Pulaar, or felt the grotesque absurdity—and longed for the blissful privilege—of my life in the States.

Blah blah blah. Their loss, etc.

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Sorry to hear about the Berkeley J-school, but as you say, it’s their loss. I have every confidence that your future as a documentary filmmaker is limited only by your imagination. You’ve already got some great stories that need telling.

Have you been getting the emails I’ve sent you? I have had no replies for a long time! Or perhaps I am not getting emails you’ve sent me?

One door closes, another opens. Go straight to film making young woman; Go straight to film making (never know how to spell that).

You have an eye, a point of view, and a work ethic. Do it!

Those pictures really bring back memories for me, especially the Paul Bunyon one. I took my dog once to The Trees of Mystery. The only mystery for him was how he could possibly pee on all the majestic, over-sized trees arrayed like a buffet before him. Got quite dehydrated that day, he did!

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