fame by proximity?

I recently provided editing services and consultation for a couple who was making a video for the wife’s parents’ 50th anniversary. Her father was high up in the Navy and they had lived all over the world, so it was quite a story, involving submarines and senior U.S. officials and six children.

Below is a screenshot from the credits, which I had no part in writing. This is without a doubt the most illustrious company I will ever, ever keep in a “Special Thanks” section. Gotta love alphabetization.

special thanks


doin' the bay with noelle

Yesterday: Went hiking in Muir Woods

muir woods

with Noelle


and then walked out onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

bay from the bridge


some excuses for not posting

1. My life is no longer noteworthy to the internets.

2. I’ve been busy getting out and enjoying the ridiculously gorgeous area where I now live.

Wine tasting and driving down the coast with my parents:

wine barrels at kunde

pigeon point lighthouse

beach collection

And hiking and seeing the sights in the Lake Tahoe area:

360 of Lola Montez

tahoe with geese


Wedding #2

Congratulations to Leslie and Bryan, finally absolved from living in sin.

Here are some of my photos—Matt‘s the one who got all the good stuff, seeing as he’s the professional and all.

At the joint bachelor/ette party, playing with the remote-controlled helicopter Bryan won earlier in the day at Dave & Buster’s:


The bridesmaids’ brunch:


Leslie and Amy at the post-rehearsal-dinner gathering:

amy and leslie 1     amy and leslie 2

The invitations, table decorations, the bride’s dress, and all the flowers (yes, all the flowers) were all handmade by the Leslie and her mother:


And everything was lovely.