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Towards the end of my first rainy season in Senegal, I started taking a picture each month from the same spot, looking over fields towards my village. They start in August 2005 and end in October 2006.


I find it hard to believe I was standing there a year ago taking that third-to-last photo—sometimes it could be a decade for how distant it feels, other times I can still feel myself there, watching the thunderstorms come rushing through. As life here takes over, I find myself worrying more and more about the effort it will take to hold on to those two years in any meaningful way.

But most of the time there are a million other things eating up my tired little brain, including those I’m procrastinating on, like switching my blog over to WordPress from this dying install of Movable Type (comments crapped out a while ago). And something about a site redesign. Right.

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