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sad news from Senegal

I found out this week through RPCV email chains that Lamine Ndongo, Peace Corps Senegal’s Safety and Security Officer of four years, died in a car accident on Sunday. He was a great guy, genuinely concerned about all of the volunteers, and he died while out on the job.

The RPCV organization Friends of Senegal and The Gambia is organizing a collection for Lamine’s family—here is Senegal RPCV Marielsie Avila’s email with the information:

Dear Friends,

It is with regret that I inform you of the loss of a dear friend to Senegal PCVs and RPCVs from the last 4 years. Lamine N’Dongo, Safety and Security Officer, died in a car accident on Sunday, driving the PC car near Bakel. [According to another volunteer, “he was driving a PC car when an on-coming car swerved to miss a pothole and ran him off the road. He crashed, with the driver in the passenger seat.” This kind of swerving is very typical in Senegal, and very scary.] The driver was on the passenger seat and is currently in the hospital, injured but stable.

Lamine was a friend to those who knew him. He took care of each of us like we were family. He knew everyone in the police force throughout the country and God forbid anyone messed with us, he would take care of it tactfully and quickly. He believed in Peace Corps and was proud to be part of its mission. [And, as Will Conquest wrote, “He came to Peace Corps in the summer of 2003 with very little English, but through his own tireless work ethic he improved his language skills to the point that he was speaking better then some volunteers.”] He leaves behind a wife and four children, all girls.

We would like to make a collection for his family on behalf of the Friends of Senegal and The Gambia and the RPCV community at large. FOSG will match any funds collected. Some RPCVs already started collecting funds and I’ve invited them to join our collection so we could match the total amount. Any small contribution would be of great help to them.

Please send a check or money order to Dan Theisen to:

Pay to the order of Friends of Senegal and The Gambia
Memo: Lamine N’Dongo’s Family Fund

Daniel Theisen
428 Bowleys Quarters Road
Baltimore, MD 21220

We will wait at least 2 weeks to give people time to send their checks to Baltimore for Dan to process them.

Thank you,

Marielsie Avila-Negron, MPA

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