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blog fatigue

For the three of you who still check this thing: Hi! Thanks for your misplaced loyalty!


1) Busy. With work, mostly. I’ve been editing a steady stream of Adobe projects—customer profiles and filmmaker stories from Sundance, including a really cool doc on kids’ experiences of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cory and I also revised our “soil in Senegal” video for a Peace Corps World Wise Schools feature.

2) Blog fatigue. I hit the point that many others have, where I realized that what I would be writing about (if I sat down and forced myself to) was stuff that wasn’t especially unique or insightful. Or interesting, even to little ol’ navel-gazing me. And while wankery can make you famous, I have no interest in just adding to the noise. Susan Sontag had it right:

“A good rule before one goes marching or signing anything: whatever your tug of sympathy, you have no right to a public opinion unless you’ve been there, experienced firsthand and on the ground and for some considerable time the country, war, injustice, whatever, you are talking about. In the absence of such firsthand knowledge and experience: silence.”

I could comment on every Peace Corps story that pops up in the national news, but does anyone really care? The days and the weeks and the months are passing in a blur of work and guilt over unfinished work and episodes of The Wire, and honestly I have no interest in boring my friends with trite laments about “Where does the time go?”… which of course brings us to:

3) Mid-twenties, post-Peace-Corps crisis, blah blah blah. Maybe I should get a dog.

Blogging might become interesting/relevant again once I’m at school this fall (Orientation starts August 21st. I’ve bought a Cal sticker and a t-shirt, so I’m set.), but until then I’ll probably just post the occasional photo.

Thanks for checking in, all the same 😉

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I doubt you counted me in the three who still check this thing, but I’m glad you updated, and would be happy to read more, even if it isn’t unique and insightful. I subscribe to your feed because of you, not because I’m looking for some penultimate blog-sperience. 🙂 Glad things are going well!

I never knew you were also one of the fo-fillions of bloggers that jam up the circuits with this and that. I’ll peruse your musings and such and make it a habit. Sounds like you’re digging the Bay Area. For all of the great record stores up here in P-Town, I still miss Amoeba.
Anyhoo, I think, as per your request, I set up an RSS deal. I don’t know how they work or how to do them or use them as I am over 30-years old which makes me cybernetically retarded. Take a gander, if it’s effed, let me know and I’ll do what I can to remedy the situation.
Good to hear from you! Take care and say hi to 880 for me.

hey claire,
i’m a PCV in cape verde doing work with solar stills and, recently, slowly moving into agriculture. i’ve edited a few videos to accompany some of the projects my collegues and i are working on:
we’re lucky, we have power out here.

a few weeks ago, my CD suggested i apply to the master’s program and then found the IAD program at UC Davis. my CD then emailed me the video you all posted on the PC worldwise site and i saw you all did a project for that program. small world…

i have all kinds of questions for you but i don’t want to bombard you on your comments page… if you want to send me an email, that’d be awesome:,
my blog is

hope to hear from you…
brian newhouse

okay, well now that ive read more i see that it was your friend cory owens who went to UC Davis. umm, i guess if you could pass me her (or his) email id be interested in asking her/him a few questions.

btw, i think you have an exceptional website

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