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Saare Modou from space

Josh alerted me today to Google Earth’s recently updated images of my little corner of Senegal—where there was once nothing but blurry brown and green there are now trees, paths, huts, and a batiment under construction (where my hut used to be) as of last November:

Saare Modou close up

Here’s a wider view, with landmarks: the new well, the old well, and my family’s compound.

Saare Modou with labels

If anyone knows how to submit a town marker to the Great Google, let me know!

(And here’s a link to the Google Earth kmz file that will take you to this view. You’ll have to download the program, but it’s worth it for all the other flying around the globe you can do.)

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Hi! I’m a Peace Corps volunteer who is leaving in 9 weeks. I’m going to Morocco and I was wondering if you could send me your packing list, or what you thought was good to have. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks so much!

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