My first week of J-school

…has consisted of twelve-hour days spent chasing ducks with a microphone and sitting through hour after hour of tutorials. We covered still cameras, audio recorders, tiny HD camcorders, Photoshop, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, and Flash. And by “covered” I mean “touched on the very basics of doing more than just hitting random buttons.”

I’m actually still on campus, typing from my iPhone. In 20 minutes we present our group multimedia projects. My group of four covered Lake Temescal, a small lake nestled (squished?) between two highways and some fancy housing developments up in the Oakland Hills. (Hence the duck-chasing.)

The reasonable thing to do afterwards would be to go home and sleep before my all-day sea kayaking class tomorrow. Instead, I’ll be sticking around to watch the first half of a Wire Season 5 marathon—David Simon (creator/executive producer of The Wire) is going to be a writer-in-residence at the J-school in a few weeks.

I’m exhausted, but all these possibilities I see opening up around me are making up for the lack of sleep.

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