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I’ve never been a print journalist, so I haven’t known the thrill of an A1 byline. But in the past week I’ve had two videos on the New York Times homepage, and I’m pretty sure I took enough screenshots to make up for all those missed years of newspaper clippings.

Reporter Trymaine Lee and I worked together on two Harlem-based stories, one about feisty old ladies who go door-to-door in the projects, teaching their neighbors about recycling, and one about two professional clowns who renovated their apartment to allow them to practice clowning routines—when they’re not out performing around the world.

The print story that spawned “Paper, Plastic and Persistence” was front and center on the homepage for a few precious hours last Saturday, with a link to the video:

recycling story on NYT homepage

The print story for “Three-Room Circus” is currently the highlighted Real Estate story on the homepage, with a video link, but for a while Trymaine and I had 2 out of 4 of the homepage video player spots:

two videos on NYT homepage

OK, I’m done bragging. But it was pretty cool 😉

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Dear Clare,
Last year I was forwarded two videos that you produced for the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program at Berkeley. I wanted to know if you’re still somewhere near Berkeley and if you’re available for production work?
I noticed that your homepage hasn’t been updated in a while, but I didn’t have your email address, so I thought I’d give this message a try.
Roxanne Makasdjian
Manager,Broadcast Communications
UC Berkeley
510 642 6051

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