Meta Senegal or PC related


I realized a few months ago that this site had completely collapsed under the weight of broken links, incompatible updates, and what I can only assume is depression over the state of the world.

This (awful?) default WordPress theme at least gets the text back up. Maybe at some point I’ll get photos up and linked again.

I haven’t been back to Senegal in over ten years. I feel a bit guilty about that.

But I saw one of the guys from the village, Hamedu, in Milan, Italy, of all places. I found him on Facebook and messaged him. My boyfriend and I met up with him at a metro station, walked through the streets, spoke a weird Pulaar-English-Italian combo, ate lunch, and went to an art museum together.

He’s living in Milan, working in a restaurant. He was just about to make a return trip to the village—his first time back after leaving six years before, and the first time that he would meet the daughter that he has with Aminata, my host sister and the oldest of Kanni’s daughters.

It seems like a very lonely life for him in Italy.

I was very happy to see him.