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oh hai…

…time for the annual(?) blog update. What I’ve been doing:

And some of this.

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Oh, yeah. New York.

Per Leslie’s request, here’s some blog CPR.

I’m in New York, interning here for the summer:

End Times

On my first day I and another intern went out to shoot footage of gyro cones (the big rotating things of meat that chawarma innards are shaved off of), then I burned some DVDs. The next day I tried to call people in Utah whose houses were up for auction (and got mostly disconnected numbers), and today I had a few hours of tech training and then started to edit a Nicholas Kristof piece. It’s fun.

J-school Travel Video

My 'edit room' in Spain…

At Alba’s parents’ very lovely house in Girona:

edit room spain

(explanation: I’m here on a J-school travel grant shooting a story on Senegalese immigrants in Spain—I met up with a guy and two kids from my Peace Corps host village. My Pulaar is being stretched to new limits!)

Local Flavor Travel

What I've been doing for the past three months:

June: Eating oysters at Point Reyes and standing around at the San Francisco Pride parade. The parade was entertaining—and heartwarming, what with all the newlyweds—but I still think parades just aren’t quite right without bead-throwing. Or with open container laws.

we all deserve the freedom to marry

Fairy Godmother?

dykes on bikes bikes

calendar models

And then in July: Camping at Utica Reservoir. Without the bear, this time.

in camp

floating on utica

Now I’m in Colorado, on a camping/backpacking vacation with Andrew before I start school on the 21st. On this trip: 2 DSLRs, 1 point-and-shoot, 1 video camera, 2 iPods, 2 Mac laptops, 2 GPSs, 2 iPhones, 1 radar detector, and 1,964 photos from the past 5 days.


birthday hike

Tomales Point Trail, Point Reyes National Seashore: 9 1/2 miles of beautiful ocean vistas and elk out the wazoo.

waving to the sea

tomales point



Oo, Baby.

So I bought myself a Lensbabytilt/shift for the masses—and took it to Kings Canyon last weekend. It’s a fun toy, and even though there are a lot of misfires, what with manual exposure and very imprecise focus control, the cool shots can be really cool.


forest path



Threat #1: SOLVED! (kinda)

A few weekends ago a big group went to Utica Reservoir out in the Sierra Nevadas for some camping, swimming, and flailing around in a giant inflatable hamster ball.

Car 1 arrived Friday evening and set up camp; Car 2 arrived around three on Saturday morning, set up our tents and passed out. Cars 1 & 2 woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning when a bear arrived to rifle through the cooler and bags of food that were sitting in the middle of camp, about fifteen feet from everyone’s tents.

No one was entirely sure what to do—some yelled, some clapped, some shone flashlights—half the noise we made was debating back and forth whether or not to throw things, keep yelling, etc.

Doug, however, had his iPhone in his tent. Doug had network coverage. And Doug achieved what surely must be the first recorded instance of using an iPhone to Google what to do during a bear attack during a bear attack.

iPhone and bear-bitten pitas
(yes, that’s a bear bite in the pita bread)

He didn’t learn anything all that useful, but eventually the bear went away when it started to get lighter and/or he got sick of our shouting… though he did eat most of the sweet stuff and an entire tub of Gorgonzola cheese. But the breakfast burrito fixings survived intact—as did the mimosas and the beer, which we used that morning at breakfast to toast Santa the Bear (he ate the cookies and the milk), may he never return.


weekend yosemite

Q: How many pictures can a person take of the same rocks?

A: Never enough.




doin' the bay with noelle

Yesterday: Went hiking in Muir Woods

muir woods

with Noelle


and then walked out onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

bay from the bridge


some excuses for not posting

1. My life is no longer noteworthy to the internets.

2. I’ve been busy getting out and enjoying the ridiculously gorgeous area where I now live.

Wine tasting and driving down the coast with my parents:

wine barrels at kunde

pigeon point lighthouse

beach collection

And hiking and seeing the sights in the Lake Tahoe area:

360 of Lola Montez

tahoe with geese