Peace Corps/Senegal: Useful links

Organization and Group Pages:

National Peace Corps Association: association for RPCVs and former staff members
Peace Corps Online: “The Independent News Forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers”
Third Goal: “A community blog helping Peace Corps volunteers anonymously share personal stories that promote a better understanding of others.”
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender US Peace Corps Alumni: newsletter, articles, mentor program, etc.
Photos for Peace: PCV photos by region and country
Yahoo Groups peacecorps2: an online Peace Corps community
Friends of Senegal and the Gambia: interesting essays, extensive links, and a Yahoo Group
SeneGAD: “Helping Women Help Themselves”—”SeneGAD is a secondary project of Senegal Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) devoted to improving the lives of women and girls in Senegal at the grassroots level.”
CAPCA’s PC links: uber-list of PC links by region, country, and more
SoYouWanna Join the Peace Corps?: witty commentary on applying, going, etc.
A Day in the Life: Peace Corps Volunteer, Senegal: a minute-by-minute account of one PCV’s typical day


(R)PCV Pages:

The number of PCV blogs has simply exploded since I searched for them before my service, back in 2004. When I get the chance, I’ll try to poke and prod this list into a collection of the more comprehensive and/or well-written blogs out there.

Cristy (’03-’05)
Lyle (’05-’07)

Allen (’04-’06)
Richard (’04-’06)
Dave (’04-’06)

Cote d’Ivoire
Terry (’00-’01)

Dominican Republic
Jason (’03-’05)

East Timor
Travis & Bekah (’05-’07)

Sara (’03-’05)

Erin (’07-’09)

Jason (’02—really interesting ET story)

Logan (’04-’06)

Rox (’04-’06)

Jay (’03-’05)

Krissa (’01-’03)

Andrew (’02-’04)

Pat (’67-’69)
Daniel (’84-’86)
Jen (’99—one really great letter)
Kenn (’01-’03—great videos)
Patty (’03-’05)
Gretchen (’04-’06)
Josh & Cory (’04-’06)
Julie (’04-’06)
Sara (’05-’07)
Megan (’05-’06)
Arianne (’05-’06)
Becca (’05-’07)
Evan (’05-’07)
Kari (’05-’07)
Lauren (’05-’07)
Meryl (’05-’07)
Paul (’05-’07)
Renee (’05-’07)
Toublog (the fall ’05-’07 stage’s group blog)
Kierstin (’06-’08)
Paul (’06-’08)

St. Lucia
Caroline (’02-’04)

Lisa & Russ (’05-’07)

Sarah (’02-’04)
Dee (’04-’06)

Lara (’00-’02)

plus… an extensive list of (R)PCV websites, by country;
a Peace Corps blog ring;
and An American in Dakar (not Peace Corps, but interesting, detailed descriptions of being a toubab in Senegal)